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Leenkus is not a social network like the others, see why:

Common Publications

Consult the publications that you have in common with your friends in one click.

Dating App Integrated

If you specified that you are looking for a relationship, you will activate the dating module on Leenkus.

Free Musics

Access and listen to thousands of music from emerging artists for free.

Double Wall

A wall of publications shared in two columns that allows to see a maximum of information at a glance.

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What is Leenkus?

A "real" social network, not like the others. Developed on the basis of an antechronologically delivered content system, "without going through the crut of an algorithm". The Leenkus network advocates for more natural interactions by offering an authentic and simplistic platform.

The social network also prides itself on being an example of privacy and says never use personal data to make any profit.


Stay tuned for any updates from Leenkus and its products.


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